Home Security Lock Services Detroit

detroit security lock serviceIf you are someone in a high risk area, or even just someone who would feel a little more comfortable with extra protection, security locks might be just the thing for you. High security locks can make a massive difference in the security and safety of your home or business, and at surprisingly little cost. Don't pass up the opportunity to improve the defenses of your home, if you are considering installing security locks contact us and we will find the right product for your individual need.

High security locks make it much more difficult for intruders to compromise your premises. They are more durable with additional hardened areas to make them much stronger. Security locks offer other features which make them much more resilient to attack. These additional features are able to resist key duplication, lock picking, bumping, drilling, prying, and other methods used to force entry. Duplicate keys can only be made from the locksmith who installed the lock, insuring no one but you can control how many keys are available.

Lock bumping or key bumping is when keys are used which are specially cut, known as bump keys or 999 keys, and they are used to compromise tumbler locks and conventional pins. The key is inserted and then “bumped” or struck. Essentially lock bumping is a form of lock picking. It is impossible to know just how common this technique is since there is, on average, no signs of forced entry during break-ins. Certain security locks will definitely keep you more protected against such an attack.

There is a variety of methods and tools which criminals have taken advantage of and used in order to break into homes. Lock bumping is one popular method which is very easy for the burglar to utilize. A lot of other various tools are also used to break into a locked home, such as a torsion wrench, a pick such as a hook or a ball pick. Sometimes criminals get creative and use what they have at their disposal to invent a useful device, such as one case in which a robbery was done using an umbrella hinge.

As burglars get smarter and more experienced in ways of breaking an entering, more advanced locks are often required to combat their attacks. Security locks are a good measure to take to protect yourself. There are a variety of different kinds of security locks with varying levels of protection and security. If you live in an area that is susceptible to crime, such as in metropolitan area, the use of a security lock could have even more benefit for you. Consider your options, whoever you are, wherever you live, but don't leave your home vulnerable to the whims of intruders.

The more difficult the lock is to break, the more likely a criminal will get discouraged trying to get in and just move along to the next house or forget it altogether. The better your locks, the safer you and your property and family are. If there is one thing you shouldn't skimp out on it's safety, especially when it involves the security of your home.